Altkimya and Pyxya to develop partnership for advanced SD-WAN analytics

PYXYA is a Wholesale provider of managed secure SD-WAN & SASE as a Service solutions.

These solutions, augmented by AI, allow operators, integrators and IT service companies to offer connectivity services to their customers very simply and quickly by guaranteeing the cybersecurity, performance and availability of their applications.

“Altkimya help us accelerating our innovation, by simplifying all the data engineering stages that are very complex, expensive and time consuming. Instead of spending time and effort on real time data preparation we can now focus on our Data Analytics/AI developments to bring a next gen experience in our SD-WAN & SASE services, by making the company’s telecom infrastructure autonomous and self-adapting in real time according to the application uses of employees and customers”
Marc Del FABBRO, CEO, Pyxya


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