Breaking the complexity and cost of real-time data analytics

In the new connected world, real-time data is essential but is very complex, sensitive, and expensive.

So, we changed the game!


80% of companies struggle to unify real-time and historical data.

Alongside all its opportunities, the era of Big Data has brought many challenges. Among them, the emergence of a new category of data silos, and a spectacular growth in unstructured data. All these dispersions therefore seen data become harder to collect, which turns data analysis way complex and time-consuming. 


What we do

We empower smart organizations around the world

with an easy and affordable access to a powerful, secure, and resilient data processing capacity, within a Tech For Good approach.

Augmented services, operations, and technologies.

Accelerate your time-to-market, and unleash your innovation to the next level.

Cut your existing data processing cost by 10.

How we do it

With our revolutionary AI-powered Data Factory

We changed the game, by rethinking the architecture of a traditional data factory.

Our technology

Aurigae, the next gen AI-powered data factory platform

Aurigae is a powerful Data Factory driven by our AI to automate all phases of real-time data collection, ingestion, and storage. Data is directly prepared for analytics and visualization, whether with our technology or with others.

The tedious and expensive job of data preparation is done in minutes, whatever the data source, making real-time analytics simple and accessible to any organization.

Our solutions

The future of data science for your project

Our solutions have been designed to : 

  • Simplify life in the complex world of data
  • Create value for your organization
  • Create value for your customers

We believe it

With great power comes great responsibility!


At Altkimya we’re conscious that our technology is a game changer and should not be used for wrong causes.  We believe in an ethical data-processing approach, and we want to be a pioneer of the Tech For Good community. 

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