Our technology breaks the complexity and cost of real-time data analytics

 It’s time to change your perception and start to treat data like a product! 

What’s your relationship with your data?

It’s no news that data serves as a crucial asset for businesses in various ways. Whether it is for informed decision-making, operational efficiency, or compliance and governance, your perception of data has a considerable strategic significance. Data is not just a by-product of operations; it is a valuable resource that, when properly managed and analyzed, empowers your business to make informed decisions, foster innovation, and achieve sustainable growth. 

What we do

We collect and analyze all your data to give answers to all your on-demand questions within a second.

All your data: IT/Cyber/IOT/Business, immediately available to create value.

Empower your services and operations with real-time data
Software Vendors
Accelerate your time-to-market, and unleash your innovation to the next level
Have a unified and simplified vision of your Security & Observability within a few days

How we do it

Revolutionized the data factory landscape, our technology can transform your data projects from 6 months to a few days, offering a renewed relationship with data.

We changed the game, by rethinking the architecture of a traditional data factory.

Our technology

Altkimya, the next gen AI-powered data factory platform

Driven by our AI to automate all phases of real-time data collection, ingestion, and storage, Altkimya’s revolutionary data factory is a synonym for

  • fast and efficient access to real-time data
  • one single universal connector for any data regardless of its source and format
  • an on-the-fly data cleaning and preparation, rendering data immediately visible in a personalized real-time dashboard with impressive performance levels 

What we believe

With great power comes great responsibility!


At Altkimya we’re conscious that our technology is a game changer and should not be used for wrong causes.  We believe in an ethical data-processing approach, and we want to be a pioneer of the Tech For Good community. 

One platform. Three workloads

Bring value to your business

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