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More than 300 million terabytes of data are created every day. Real-time data analytics become the pathway to the speed and agility you need. However, processing data to feed your analytics and applications is still very complex and expensive, while you need more and more data speed and processing power.

Unleash the full power of your data thanks to our revolutionary AI powered Data Factory! Analyze massive streams of data in motion in real-time. Make sure that your data is clean from the start to have faster insights and improved business processes.

Altkimya Solution Builder

Are you unable to collect the specific data you need? To enrich and feed it into other systems? Whatever the location, nature, or volume of the data you require, Altkimya Easy Data takes care of everything. Take raw data and turn it into useful information.

Based on the power of our revolutionary AI powered Data Factory, Altkimya Solution Builder is designed to handle massive volumes of data at high velocity, providing a robust and reliable solution for organizations that require real-time insights. 

Enable your organization to gain competitive advantage by allowing them to react and adapt more rapidly to changes in their industry. Simplify the complex and unlock the full potential of your data and solidify your business as a game-changer in the fast-moving world.

  • Simplify your life with a single Tenant for all your data recovery
  • Accelerate your projects with automatic data modelling 
  • Break the limits of APIs with Queries optimization
  • Be compliant with even the most restrictive security constraints
  • Process your data as soon as it’s generated, without any noticeable delay.
  • Handle millions of events per second, capture, integrate and process data while ensuring its quality and low-latency insights
  • Ingest data as events occur and allow your systems to respond quickly to changes
  • Save the power of your infrastructure by pre-processing your data at ingestion
  • Optimize your storage space with automatic data lifecycle management
  • Store, query and analyze time-stamped data
  • Apply a wide range of analysis capabilities to your data:
    • Query
    • Aggregate
    • Diagnose
    • Predict
    •  Translate
    • Identify
    • Get specific statistics you need
    •  Governance
    • Quality Control
    • Machine learning
    • Graph/NLP
  • Display information in multiple formats:
    • Client portal
    • Real-time cockpit
    • Expert Dashboard
    • Workflow graph
    • Smart alerting

Are you looking for a more “interactive dashboard”?

Altkimya Solution Builder’s additional functions back you up in collecting and enriching your data, to make them available in a white-label SaaS portal every time you need them.

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