MSP/ MSSP that are developing managed service activities rapidly realize how resourceful, expensive, and time-consuming it is. Quickly build your central data platform to empower all your operations and all your customer activities, without spending a fortune and without internal data engineering skills.

Altkimya Intelligence Center

With Altkimya Intelligence Center aggregate data from multiple technologies in real time and make this data usable as you wish (data de-normalization) to get a unified, transversal, and multi-client vision.

Apply all the intelligence you need: selection, aggregation, enrichment, alerting, visualization or more…!

The limits imposed by the specific ergonomics of your used technologies are erased!

  • Display aggregated and correlated key data, on one or multiple screens that adorn the wall of your control center and track your customers’ progress in real-time
  • Dive into the details of the technical dashboard, analyze the most precise information to understand every situation and act accordingly
  • Receive customized proactive alerts according to their degree of importance, enabling you to prioritize your actions
  • Deleted, anonymized, transformed – Decide which mechanisms to implement to your customers’ sensitive data, to meet all your commitments

Are you looking for more? Discover our additional functions to quickly build your Unified
Security & Observability Platform without spending a fortune! (Price on demand)

  • Automate the collection of data from your audit tools, and plot them in automated
    • Performance audits (Observability)
    • IT security audits
    • Cloud resource consumption audits
    • Energy consumption audits
    • Review and Inventory of existing assets
  • Get a more complete view to improve the profitability of your audits
  • Offer the anonymization/de-anonymization function for your customers’ data
  • Manage your audit results in real-time, and share them with your clients any time
    • Real-time internal portal with aggregated data
    • Simplified internal mini-portal for customer feedback
  • Give a global views of key service indicators to your customers in real-time and offer them a dynamic vision of their IS
  • Show your expertise by assigning a personalized status to your clients’ situation, so they can improve their process where it’s needed
  • Calculate in an advanced way all trends, thanks to machine learning, and anticipate your actions
  • Find the needle in the haystack thanks to machine learning, and detect those data instances that significantly deviate from most
  • Create evaluation scores for each topic you want to prioritize with your customers
  • Compare your customers, based on a single piece of data or source, to rank your priorities
  • Combine your data with external knowledge bases, to accelerate your analysis capability

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