It's time to change your perception and start to treat data like a product!

We bring simplicity and insights in real-time data processing, that organizations have been looking for, for years. 

At Alktimya we quickly understood that insightful, ready-to-use data has become the foundation of competitiveness. That’s why we created the first AI-powered Data Factory, designed to break the complexity and cost of real-time data analytics. 

The powerful solution democratizes data access to enable you to have access to the right source material, regardless your need, and does 90% of the engineering job. 

But a powerful solution is not enough to democratize data access, the price is a cornerstone also. It’s the reason why we conceived from scratch a unique all-in-one data platform design, that allows us to cut usual data processing cost by ten. 

Create an engaging and constructive environment for your data analysts, where positivity fuels their innovation and problem-solving skills.


A platform designed to jump into
Data Workflow Processing 2.0

Become more efficient and productive! Manage your data workflow with one single tool, which contains all the 5 steps of a real-time data processing chain!

Our affordable data platform permits you to: