We bring data science to IT professionals like no one else!

We work arm-in-arm with our partners to bring unified SecObs visibility solutions and services that organizations have been looking for, for years 

No need for data skills, no more impossible choice between heavy expensive technologies or basic solutions to get a unified vision of Security and Observability.

Powered by our disruptive data technology, the Aurigae Data Factory brings you the power of data science, at an accessible price thanks to its cost predictability. 

This allows our partners to offer SME’s but also large organizations new generation solutions and services for Security and Observability.

A platform designed to jump into IT Managed Services 2.0

Become more efficient and productive! These are the two main aims that Managed Service Providers allow organizations to achieve, by managing and optimizing all or part of their IT systems. 

Many IT companies are developing Managed Service 1.0 nowadays, which mainly consists of operating technologies for their customers, using a resource-intensive delivery model that affects their profitability and the price of their services.

It’s time to take the next step and jump into IT Managed Services 2.0.!

Our affordable data platform permits you to: