Altkimya raised 1.2 million to break the complexity and costs of real-time data analytics

Over the past few months, Altkimya has raised CHF 1.2M, mostly from individual investors.

They demonstrated their enthusiasm and confidence in our project, but also brought their vision, their advice and their personal network. Special thanks to Jean-Jacques Pany and Philippe Chevalier, our main mentors and board members, who were among the first to join us.

With these resources, we were able to:

  • Increase the capacities of our Aurigae data factory so that it processes data at the speed of light and successfully supports the first 40 organizations;
  • Realize the development of the first universal connector driven by IA, able to be connected to any type of data source, to automatically recognize their format and to prepare this data in real time for an immediate analysis. What was taking days is now taking minutes!
  • Create unified Security and Observability solutions for IT professionals, so that they can optimize their SOC/NOC platform and their Managed Services or offer next-gen packaged solutions to their customers;

This fundraising was a key step in our success.

We are more than ever ready to break the complexity and costs of real-time data analytics, while so  many organizations are looking for efficient, affordable and easy-to-use solutions

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