How to create a powerful and affordable data platform for IT Managed Services?

Breaking the limits of real-time data analytics in IT & cybersecurity

More than 60% of organizations will depend on IT Managed Services by 2025

This growth will be driven by factors such as the increasing complexity of IT environments – the need for organizations to do “The MSP model “ has been growing in popularity – as businesses look for ways to improve efficiency and control costs.

As businesses become more reliant on technology, they need to be able to trust that their systems will be up and running when they need them.


What we do

We help IT companies develop modern security & observability-managed services

Managed service requires collecting and analysing a large amount of information. It’s complex, expensive, and stressful. What if doing one thing could change the game?

Bring modern and innovative services to your customers to make a difference with your competitors.

Simplify and automate your service operations to increase your capacities with the same resources.

Increase your EBITDA thanks to tangible savings and profitable recurring business.

How we do it

Our affordable data platform brings simplicity, transversality, and actionable insights into your organization

While everyone wants to be more data-driven, it still can be very challenging, especially without data skills. We simplify the real-time data collection of multiple technologies deployed in various contexts, to optimize service operations and develop new-generation MSP services.

Our technology

Aurigae, the next gen AI-powered data factory platform

Aurigae is a powerful Data Factory driven by our AI to automate all phases of real-time data collection, ingestion, and storage. Data is directly prepared for analytics and visualization, whether with our technology or with others.

The tedious and expensive job of data preparation is done in minutes, whatever the data source, making real-time analytics simple and accessible to any organization.

Our solutions

The future of data science for your project

Altkimya’s co-founder’s DNA is deeply rooted in the IT world, so we have decided to put the technology of our Aurigae platform at the service of IT needs, and more particularly, to the ambition of IT players. Our solutions have been designed and developed to meet the three main challenges of data for IT professionals: 

  • Simplify life in the complex world of data
  • Create value for your organization
  • Create value for your customers

We believe it

The IT world needs healthy, agile and affordable Managed Service Providers

At Altkimya we understand how difficult managing the complexities of data alone can feel for small or medium-sized businesses.

We help you become an agile trusted advisor and develop actionable insights to tackle IT challenges more efficiently and costlessly.

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