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Our solutions are grouped into three categories

Life simplified

The two most mentioned terms by IT managers worldwide are “artificial intelligence” and “data”. At the doorstep of the big data bang, everyone wants to be innovative while benefiting from the power of data. However, the complexity and the associated costs are still considered significant obstacles for many enterprises. 

Life Simplified solutions of Aurigae, aim to break down these barriers, to ensure that all companies can unleash their creative potential, by easily harnessing data. 

Value for your business

The profession of managed services providers is particular because it involves rendering several categories of services by operating various technologies for various customers. An MSP must constantly adapt to remain competitive and deliver a quality service, which implies analyzing vast data.

Designed to help IT partners leverage this wealth of data, Value for your business solutions helps to increase service efficiency, improve profitability and distinguish from the competition.

Value for your customers

Often associated with the complexity of data, the “blank page syndrome” is a perfect ally to slow down the dynamism of companies that want to bring new services to their customers.

“Value for your customers” solutions are designed as customizable packages that our partners can offer directly to their end-users. These innovative packages provide a unified SecObs vision of an information system within a few days.