The Altkimya Data Factory

An all-in-one platform, designed for a complete processing of all types of data.  

No need to use multiple technologies, The Altkimya Data Factory collects, ingests, stores, analyzes and renders all your data, making data analytics a piece of cake.

It includes a powerful hardware infrastructure, optimized for data processing, as well as all the necessary software functions, from data collection to data restitution. A hyper-converged management system links hardware and software, orchestrating all functions from end-to end. 

This cloud-native and serverless platform stands out from all other solutions upon the principles of: 

  • An all-in-one platform
  • The ability to readily connect to any data source and automatically recognize its format
  • An AI, capable of preparing and enriching the data while collecting it, making it immediately usable, whatever its intended purpose
  • A specialized hardware architecture
  • A decentralized on-premise data storage option
  • A unified data collection agent for IT Security & Observability
  • An outstanding real-time data processing power, for a fraction of the usual cost of ownership and more…!


Gone are the astronomical costs, or not having the right technology for a specific use case, gone are the time when you had to do the complicated and time-consuming work of a data engineer, or to look for the right collector…

We’re changing the game!

Real-time and universal data collection

It all starts with data collection, which can be managed in three different ways. 

  1. Thanks to a Universal connector, enabling the Altkimya Data Factory to connect to any source and extraction system (such as Websocket, API/REST, Protocols).
  2. Thanks to a special collection agent, dedicated to the IT world, to harvest endpoint data (workstations or servers) to build a unified vision of your IS performance and security in real-time.
  3. A slight capture probe for IOT/OT environments 

Intelligent ingestion with AI

Ingestion is crucial to prepare data for its intended use, whatever its format: relational data, flat-file databases, semi-structured data, big data, NoSQL, Cloud, SaaS…

Our specialized AI automates data preparation to manage the various and usually complex and meticulous tasks of Data Engineers. Never again lose time cleaning and preparing your data manually! 

Data is already prepared and enriched before it is even stored, which then considerably accelerates its speed and usability thereof.

Automate data preparation using artificial intelligence, to manage various engineering tasks

  • Cleaning: error correction, duplicate removal, management of missing values, treatment of anomalies and atypical data, etc…
  • Transformations: Value normalization, implementation of new variables (interaction, ratio calculation etc…) type conversion
  • Enrichment: Inclusion of dictionaries, labeling, geolocation, etc…
  • Reduction: Filtering, elimination, sampling of a data set, time-based aggregation
  • Sensitive data treatment: anonymization, tokenization, etc

Storage with dynamic data cycle management

The Altkimya Data Factory relies on a Search engine type, with a NoSQL system, optimized for content research in data. The platform is equipped with several types of DBMS for data analysis, to cope with the wide range of use cases. 


To ensure optimum performance that precisely follows your requirements, all data lifecycle management is automated accordingly (ILM automated strategy).

Depending on your needs, this strategy will include:

  • Hot data retention (high performance)
  • Cold data retention (represent a possible cost saving, but ten times less efficient than hot retention)
  • Downsizing (Rollup) to aggregate data over time (fewer data but also less precision)


Data Analysts and Data Scientists must be equipped with prepared and optimized data, to conduct more effective analyzes and to transform data into value. 

The Altkimya Data Factory is endowed with various database management systems (DBMS) to adapt to each user’s special needs and use cases: DBMS Time Series (ex.: IT monitoring), DBMS Graph (ex.: social networks-, DBMS Multivalue (ex.: financial analysis), DBMS Spatial (ex.: geolocation)

To draw the right information from this data, the platform integrates analysis functions including simple or advanced mathematics, as well as Machine Learning, in supervised, unsupervised, or reinforced modes. 

Data rendering and visualization

The Altkimya Data Factory enables you to visualize and analyzed in a multitude of formats, with over 200 types of representation. 

A stringent user rights management ensures that the right information is delivered in the right format, to the right person, at the right time. Starting in September 2023, an NLP system, users will be able to interact with our database and interrogate data, using natural language. 

Depending on user rights, the Data Factory can also be requestable via an API/REST to extract data in JSON format, to power a third-party system. 

  • Dashboard
  • KPIs
  • Dataflow 
  • Data visualization