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Unleash the full power of your data thanks to our revolutionary AI powered Data factory! Analyse massive streams of data in motion in real-time and make sure that your data is clean from that start to have faster insights and improved business processes. 

Aurigae Easy Data

Are you unable to collect the specific data you need? To enrich and feed it into other systems? Whatever the location, nature, or volume of the data you require, we take care of everything, to optimize, and make it highly available for you in real-time. 

 Our Easy Data solution is based on the power of our Aurigae platform, which allows companies to be sure that they have the information and data they need. Optimized to deliver the expected result, you and your team will be able to focus on analysis and reporting through their internal tools. 

Whatever your context, we collect, ingest and store the data you need, exactly as you want it, by simplifying the complex. 

  • Simplify your life with a single Tenant for all your data recovery
  • Accelerate your projects with automatic data modelling 
  • Break the limits of APIs with Queries optimization
  • Compliant with even the most restrictive security constraints
  • Enhance your data by enriching it with new attributes while they are in transport
  • Save the power of your infrastructure by pre-processing the data at ingestion
  • Denormalize data to extend its possibilities, and thus be able to make any query on a dataset
  • Anonymize and/or sort sensitive data while they are in transport
  • Data available in real time
  • High performance for processing on the platform Aurigae, or on a remote infrastructure
  • Optimize your storage space with automatic data lifecycle management

From 495€/ month

(annual billing)

  • 1 Frontend
  • 1 cloud ingestion pipeline
  • 3 data sources
  • 100Gb monthly ingestion
  • 30 days of hot data storage with 150 Gb of storage capacity
  • 1 API out (limited to 100 MBPs by default)
  • Unlimited number of reading users

Prerequisite Aurigae Easy Data Basic

From 995 €/ month

(Aurigae Easy Data included (annual billing)

Customized proposal including : 

  • 1 home portal
  • Expert dashboards
  • KPI’s, curves, tables**
  • Smart alerts

(Customized according to the initial project definition)

Aurigae Easy SaaS

Many “homemade” technical solutions are efficient but do not have a web interface that allows you to consult the results in the form of interactive dashboards. 

Aurigae Easy Saas is backing you up in collecting and enriching your data, to make them available in a white-label SaaS portal every time you need them.

Simplify the usage of your data and extend the typologies of your users. Facilitate their integration with other third-party systems with a customized dynamic connector.

Apply a wide range of analysis capabilities to your data : 

  • Query
  • Aggregate
  • Diagnose
  • Predict
  • Translate
  • Identify
  • Statistics
  • Governance
  • Quality control
  • Machine learning
  • Graph/NPL

Display information in multiple formats :

  • Client portal
  • Real-time cockpit
  • Expert Dashboard
  • Workflow graph
  • Smart alerting

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