Value For Your Customers

Often associated with the complexity of data, the “blank page syndrome” is a perfect ally to slow down the dynamism of companies that want to bring new services to their customers.

“Value for your customers” solutions are designed as customizable packages that our partners can offer directly to their end-users. These innovative packages provide a unified SecObs vision of an information system within a few days.

Aurigae Package For SME

When it comes to cybersecurity and IT performance, many small and medium-sized businesses simply do not have the resources to equip themselves and be accompanied as they would like. 

They can easily become a primary target for attacks while having some difficulty understanding the origin of service degradations in their hybrid environment.

Thus, while fully understanding these businesses, we designed a SecObs package for them, that can be customized by our MSP partners. Our main aim was to offer a unified vision of Security and Observability, at an affordable budget. 

Aurigae Package For SME significantly reduces the potential attack surface of an organization, thus forcing attackers to look for an easier target. 

The Security and Observability of data enrich each other, making it possible to manage the IT production and the IS daily, by giving you a transversal vision of the different deployed technologies. 

We propose this package as a stand-alone solution, or as an extension of a managed service such as SOC/NOC.

Is everything that is and creates activity in my infrastructure authorized and known?  

Are all infrastructure accesses legitimate? Have all access attempts been blocked by my perimeter protection or access rules?  

Am I controlling the security of my infrastructure? Have I taken all the necessary precautions to secure my infrastructure according to the latest best practices?  

Aggregation and correlation of information detection, to raise relevant alerts related to the security of my information system.

Are my critical applications available and optimal? Can my employees and customers work in good conditions?  

When did the hackers break into my infrastructure? What methods did they use? What data was exfiltrated? Which systems were impacted?  

From € 1795,00/month

(annual billing)

  • Dashboard portal
  • Aurigae Collection Agents
  • Security Dashboards
    • Compliance
    • Intrusion detection
    • Threat detection
  • Observability dashboards: 
    • Availability testing
    • Analysis
    • Performance measurement
    • Automatic alerts
    • Unlimited number of users in read mode

Price on request

Personalized functionalities according to your project

Aurigae Cockpit For End-Users

The phenomenon is now well known and well identified in the IT sector: a multitude of technologies is deployed to run a modern IS, with a multitude of underlying suppliers. Having a unified vision of your activity, performance, and security of such an IS becomes a grail, complex, and expensive to achieve. 

Aurigae Cockpit solution, arm in arm with our data factory, is changing the game! 

Aggregate and simplify all IT data! Display management indicators in real-time on a centralized supervision cockpit, with enormous flexibility for a fraction of the usual budget in this field. 

Driven by our MSP partners, Aurigae Cockpit solution combines their expertise and their technological capacities to provide you with complementary support. 

Apply a wide range of analysis capabilities to your data.

  • Query
  • Aggregate
  • Diagnose
  • Predict
  • Translate
  • Identify
  • Statistics
  • Governance
  • Quality control
  • Machine learning
  • Graph / NLP

Display information in several possible formats.

  • Real-time cockpit
  • Expert Dashboard
  • Mini customer portal
  • Workflow graph
  • Smart alerting

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