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The profession of managed services providers is particular because it involves rendering several categories of services by operating various technologies for various customers. An MSP must constantly adapt to remain competitive and deliver a quality service, which implies analyzing vast data.

Designed to help IT partners leverage this wealth of data, Value for your business solutions helps to increase service efficiency, improve profitability and distinguish from the competition.

Aurigae Audit Center

Whatever their size, public, or private, companies need to solicit external audit missions. Whether it’s to understand the origin of performance problems or to enhance the functioning of their SI, optimization of their security audit missions became inescapable, especially for IT professionals. 

The difficulty is that audit missions remain complex to carry out and require costly technical and human resources. Their reporting format is often rigid, relying either on freeze-frame information of a single tool or, on the contrary, on important manual processing based on several tools. 

Aurigae Audit Center automates the processing of your audit data, to save you precious time while modernizing your reports to your clients, thanks to its interactive formats. 

Furthermore, the solution allows you to boost the profitability of your missions, and while differentiating your services from your competitors.

Automate the collection of data from your audit tools, and plot these data in automated reports : 

  • Performance audits (Observability)
  • IT security audits
  • Cloud resource consumption audits
  • Energy consumption audits
  • Reviews and Inventory of existing assets

Leverage our primary data collectors for a more complete view and/or as a substitute, to improve the profitability of your audits.

Offer the anonymization/de-anonymization function for your customers’ data! 

Pilot your audit results in real time and share them interactively with your clients at any time!

  • Real-time internal portal with aggregation of all useful data
  • Simplified internal Mini portal for customer feedback 

Price: on request

Features according to the initial definition of the project

Requires at least Aurigae Easy Data Basic 

From 1195€ /month

 (Aurigae Easy Data included, annual billing)

Personalized offer includes : 

  • 1 home portal
  • Dashboard experts
  • KPI’s, graphs, tables
  • Smart alerts
  • Graphical follow-up of customers’ tickets
  • Processing of sensitive data

Aurigae Intelligence Center

IT organizations that are developing managed service activities rapidly realize how resourceful and time-consuming it can be. 

There are several reasons for this, starting with the fact that most of these kinds of technologies on the market are designed to be exploited by end users, and not by managed service providers (MSP). Nevertheless, there is a major difference between running technologies in a single environment, only for internal needs, and running the same technologies in multiple client environments with required service industrialization. 

Aurigae and its Intelligence Center module allow you to aggregate data from multiple technologies you use in real-time and make this data usable as you wish (data de-normalization). In applying all the intelligence, you need: selection, aggregation, enrichment, alerting, or even visualization, the limits imposed by the specific ergonomics of your used technologies are erased! 

Display aggregated and correlated key data, on one or multiple screens that adorn the wall of your control centre, and track your customers’ progress in real life.

Dive into the details of the technical dashboards, analyze the most precise information, understand every situation and act accordingly.

Aurigae analyzes deals with all scenarios submitted to it in real-time and provides classified alerts according to their degree of importance, enabling you to prioritize your actions.

Follow graphically the evolution of your registered support ticket, linked to the situation and the alerts raised by Aurigae.

Deleted, anonymized, transformed – Decide which mechanisms to implement to your customer’s sensitive data to meet all your commitments.

Aurigae Delivery Center

Monitoring provided services, coordination, and communication with customers have become a strong and growing pillar of the MSP business. The fact that editors and manufacturers moved to a yearly subscription is further accentuating this trend – requiring their partners to closely monitor how end users employ their technology. 

Due to the absence of a simple connection of the various data related to provided services, these activities have remained mostly static and manual. Your internal team still spends a considerable part of the time gathering and presenting this information to produce activity reports and meeting materials that are relatively static and are not in real-time. 

Aurigae Delivery Center automates the collection and process of all your useful data, and eases interactivity with your customers, enabling you to gain productivity. 

Give a global view of key service indicators to your customers in real-time and offer them a dynamic vision of their IS to value their work the best.

Automate your service tracking reports by assembling all the relevant data without any manual operation and sending the right information to the right person at the right time. 

Set deadlines and objectives for each of your client projects, and track their progress in real-time through continuous measurement. 

Express your expertise by assigning a personalized status to your clients’ situation, so they can improve their process where it’s needed. 

Requires at least Aurigae Easy Data Basic 

From €49/month/client

(Aurigae Easy Data not included, annual billing)

Personalized offer includes: 

  • 1 customer portal
  • Dashboard exploration
  • KPI’s, curves, tables
  • Processing of sensitive data

(Features according to the initial definition of the project)

Price : On request

Personalized functionalities according to your project

Aurigae Analytics Center

The managed service activity includes the manipulation of a multitude of different data, whether it’s technical, service, business, or even external data (partner’s data, open data, RSS feeds, etc…)

Aurigae Analytics Center offers you the possibility to mix and analyze these data, to better evaluate your activity, to know your customers better, and to offer them proactive support, suitable to their needs. 

Collect and combine business data from your different systems or open data with technical data to boost your analysis capabilities.

Calculate in an advanced way the trends of a situation thanks to machine learning, and anticipate your actions.

Find the needle in the haystack thanks to machine learning, understand what’s different, through massive amounts of data.

Create evaluation scores for each topic you want to prioritize with your customers, by combining and factoring one or several data.

Compare your customers on any kind of information, based on a single piece of data or score, to rank your priorities.

Combine your data with external knowledge bases, to accelerate your analysis capability

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