Data Angel: Data program for start-ups

Break through your data limits and become the leader in your field: Time series made easy and affordable for startups!

Alongside all its opportunities, the era of Big Data has brought many challenges. Among them, the emergence of a new category of data silos, and a spectacular growth in unstructured data. All these dispersions therefore seen data become harder to collect, which turns data analysis way complex and time consuming.

Why choose Altkimya?

At Altkimya we quickly understood that insightful, ready-to use data has become the foundation of competitiveness, that’s why we created the first AI powered Data Factory, designed to break the complexity and cost of real-time data analytics. The powerful solution democratizes data access to enable stakeholders to have access to the right source material regardless their need.

Why the Data Angel Progam?

Because 80% of companies still struggle to unify the real-time and historical data they need to instantly engage prospects and customers. And it’s especially true when it comes to startups.
But what if one thing could change the game?

Let us introduce you Altkimya’s Data Angel Program:

Dedicated to startups up to 5 years, Altkimya merge its technology and expertise, to help you unify your data, and accelerate your time-to-market.

The program includes an access to:

  • Our AI Powered Data Factory
  • Our data engineer support
  • A free data assessment

Develop a deep understanding of what your data talents need!

Over the program, you’ll benefit from Altkimya’s help to:

  • Turn your data into real-time insights
  • Save money and time using more structured, ready-to-use data
  • Give your dev teams new tools to experiment with
  • Cultivate a positive sense of career movement by removing the constraints of data collection
  • Understand better the real issues your data teams are dealing with
  • Avoid hassles of infrastructure maintenance and simplify the complex side of data engineerie
  • Harness a culture that cultivates a genuine passion for working together and retain the best talents
  • And more…!

All these, for a special and personalized price that will leave you speechless!

Build a strong and a thriving business and focus on your expertise!

Achieve balance between business and technology and focus on your true expertise. Join our Data Angel Program and let us help you to collect and transform data from multiple sources.

Get in touch with us and unleash the next level of your business potential!

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